Our Scope Of Services

The scope of services includes all services needed after commissioning of the project and the detailed brief including appointing of sub- consultancy services. Services are offered under the following parts:

Pre-Contract Services:

- Coordinating detailed cadastral and topographical survey to unsurveyed plots and surveys of site structure on site.

- Coordinating in carrying out soil test, determine soil properties and soil profiles, bearing capacity and other engineering properties of soil.

- Submission of preliminary sketch solution Designs, advertising the client on the most appropriate solution to the projects including finance and time schedule.

- Appointing Quantity Surveyor sub-consultant and supervising Bill of Quantities.

- Appointing structural and Civil Mechanical and Electrical sub consultant.

- Preparation of final detailed working drawings for construction including layout plans and master plans. Acquisition of building permit and other related permit during construction.

- Project implementation programme.

- Negotiation of Tender.

Post-Contract Services:

- Supervising projects under construction.

- Preparation of valuation for interim payment certificates.

- Preparation of financial reports.